An introduction to Facebook for beginners

Difficulty: beginner
Approximate duration: 3h

This course provides a basic introduction to Facebook, its basic features, properties and mechanics.
You will learn how to build a high quality presence on Facebook, how to create basic content and how to avoid common mistakes.
After the training you will be able to manage a business page, understand the ins and outs of the platform and create engaging content to connect with your audience.

What you will learn

  • Social media analytics Vocabulary

  • How Facebook works under the hood

  • How to create successful content

  • Best practices for posting

  • Introduction to Facebook ads

  • Overview of Facebook’s functionalities

  • Case studies

Who is this course for

  • Companies and professionals who want to build a Facebook presence from scratch

  • Anybody who wants an overview of the business possibilities on Facebook

  • Suitable for all types of business (digital products, physical products, service, B2B, B2C)


  • No previous knowledge required

Participation in this course gives access to the “Neon Social Club”.

All course files will be available as downloadable PDF.

A maximal amount of 5 course participants is recommended.

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