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The digital age holds many adventures and if you‘re ignoring them, chances are that your business will become irrelevant in the not-so-distant future.

Founded in 2018, we‘re here to help. We‘re a marketing and technology hybrid agency and we offer specific solutions to the digital challenges companies and people face today.

Our service offer ranges from online marketing solutions through app & web development with content creation over to consulting and coaching services

agency services


Grow your business online with our online marketing solutions.

google advertisements
adwords & adsense
growth hacking
lead generation
social media management
messenger ads
remarketing campaigns


Customized web, app & content solutions for your needs and goals.

full-stack design & development
web design & development
application design & development
e-commerce implementation
messenger bot implementation
canvas and programmatic advertisement development
search engine optimization
web & data analytics
social media analysis
web and e-mail hosting
content production


Advice and solutions for your marketing team and strategy.

strategic advisory
process automation
market & sentiment analysis
brand audit
data reporting
brand strategy & positioning
ui/ux analysis, design & implemantation


Build and strengthen your online marketing expertise in-house.

online marketing fundamentals
facebook marketing fundamentals
seo & google adwords fundamentals
complete marketing course
personal coachings
online tutorials