March 2019

6 tips to rock social media ads in 2019

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This article was selected by the readers on our Instagram account @goneon.lu. Thanks guys! Many of you might be wondering how to step up their advertising game for 2019. We put together 6 tips to help you rock social media ads this year: Create value Give your audience a reason [...]

February 2019

Dark Social – 6 ways to use Stories as a business

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We always praise the importance of the “3 E”s in a social media strategy: Entertainment, Education, Emotion. If a Post or a Story does not fulfill one of these metrics, you shouldn’t waste your time posting them. Over the past months social media has changed a lot. Lately with the [...]

January 2019

Worth of Influencers – How much should you pay?

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If you've been following social media in 2019, you've surely heard about the ominous "World Record Egg". A simple yet ingeniously executed idea that took over the record for being the most liked image on Instagram ever. Or maybe you're following a virtual influencer like "Lil Miquela"? And [...]

December 2018