When should you use the UTM Generator?

  • to add UTM parameters to your URLs

Read our “UTM Tracking Guide” to learn more about UTMs and their importance in marketing.

How to use the UTM Generator

The UTM Generator gives you the possibility to define 5 different parameters that will be added to your final URL.

1. Your website URL, i.e. the page that the visitors should land on.

2. The Campaign Source lets you set the platform, where your link will be shared on. This can e.g. Facebook, Instagram or somebody’s Blog.

3. In the Campaign Medium category, you are able to define which medium you used on the link. Did the visitors come from a link in the text? Or did the banner on your customers’ blog bring the traffic?

4. On row number 4 you can name your campaign, so you can distinguish them in case you run multiple campaigns and don’t want to mix the data.

5. & 6. you get the point 😉



Here’s a concrete example of how you could generate your own URL with UTMs:

As you can see, there is no need to fill out all the categories. You will only need a couple of them, as long as you are able to differentiate where exactly the traffic was coming from. You can copy the URL now and add it to every place that should be connected with this campaign.

In our demonstration model, we decided to run a couple of Facebook ads, all of which targeted people who could use our consulting services. If you pay close attention, you will see that the campaign content is named: ad2! This should tell you, that this was a different ad than ad1 or ad3. We did this, so we can split-test design and composition of various ads, and see which performed the best in the end.

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Why we built neontools

We built neontools.io because we were overwhelmed by the number of marketing tools we were using to help our clients. The neontools.io platform therefore provides all these classic and essential marketing tools in one place.

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