When should you use instaboard?

  • to analyze Instagram accounts of influencers or competitors
  • to create collections of Instagram accounts that you can share with your team or clients (potential influencers for example)

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How to use instaboard

Analyzing an Instagram profile

Enter the username of the account you want to analyze into the search bar on the top left and hit the magnifying glass (1). Unfortunately, only Creator and Business Accounts can be analyzed.


Interpreting the numbers

After submission, the tool will load data for a 5-20 seconds after which you should arrive on a page like this:

neontools instagram audit analyzer

1. General averages

  • Follower ratio
    • The relation between followers and accounts followed. The higher this number the better. It’s a good indicator to see if the account uses a follow/unfollow tactic.
  • Average engagement rate
    • The average portion of followers that engage with each post. The higher the better. It’s a good indicator to see if followers really take notice of the posts.
  • Average engaged users
    • The average number of users that engage with posts.


2. Follower activity

  • Likes per post
  • Comments per post
  • Automated evaluation: Statistical evaluation of the profile based on the averages.
  • Approximate price per post: How much could they ask for promotional posts?


3. Post activity

  • Last post
  • Posts per day
  • Posts per week
  • Average days between posts


4. Used hashtags

  • Magnifying glass: Analyze hashtag in our Hashtag Analyzer.
  • External link button: Open the hashtag in Instagram™’s explore feed.
  • The hashtags used in the caption of the feed posts. Expand the section with the “Show all hashtags” button.
  • Copy all hashtags to your clipboard with the “Copy all to clipboard” button on the right


5. Latest posts

  • Sort posts by date, most likes or most comments at the top
  • For each post you can:
    • Blue button: Opens post image in order to download it
    • Click on “card”: Opens the post in Instagram™
    • Activity evaluation per post: in the bottom of each “card”


Creating collections and save accounts

neontools instgram analyser

1. Create a collection with the “+” button (1) in the sidebar on the left.


1. You can edit the title of the collection at the top of that page (1).

2. Collections will be displayed in the sidebar on the left (2).


neontools instagram analyser

1. Use the “Add to collection +”  (1) button. Choose the collection(s) you want the account to save to and confirm.


You can now open the collection in the left sidebar and find all the accounts that you’ve saved there.

1. Sort by date, followers or engagement rate (1).

2. Add a note and stay organized (2).

3. Delete this account from the collection (button appears when hovering over the card (3).

4. Share the collection with a link (no need for a neontools account to view the collection with the link) (4).

5. Delete the complete collection with all the saved accounts (5).


Prefer video?


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Why we built neontools

We built neontools.io because we were overwhelmed by the number of marketing tools we were using to help our clients. The neontools.io platform therefore provides all these classic and essential marketing tools in one place.

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