If you are working with Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp as a small business, advertiser or developer you either already wondered: how do I contact Facebook? If not, you certainly will at one point need to contact Facebook Business support.
There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Your ads might not be delivering properly or were disapproved without a clear reason.
  • Your profile or page has been disabled without warning.
  • Your URL was marked as spam.
  • A bug prevented you to do something that should’ve worked.

In the following “No-Bullshit” article we want to provide small businesses and Facebook page owners with a few tips on how to get to Facebook Business contact.

The good news is, there are a few Facebook contact forms that claim to offer help.
The bad news is: You can’t just simply use a Facebook business live chat nor Facebook business email support.

Even worse news: if you are struggling with a real, unsolvable problem you can’t expect any decent help at all – unless you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising each month.
In other words: This is not a simple “how to contact Facebook business support” because, Facebook’s support for businesses is minimalistic.


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Why is Facebook Business support so hard to reach?

If you’re looking for a Facebook Business support email address to contact we have to disappoint you: Facebook customer support for you will only work via designated forms. Once you fill out the appropriate form amidst over 100 contact forms, only then you will be contacted by a support agent via email. Back in the days, there was a possibility for a direct chat with a representative, but this functionality has been limited recently.

If you ever had the pleasure to be in touch with Facebook Business support, you might have noticed that these e-mails are signed by «Global Marketing Solutions». That’s because Facebook is outsourcing their support to a designated branch, namely Global Marketing Solutions (GMS). More information on this here.

The procedure up from this first step on is, quite frankly, a pain in the ass. Upon contacting Facebook Business support, a GMS team member will evaluate if your problem is relevant enough, and if so, forward it to Facebook directly. Once your case is submitted to Facebook, GMS will be back in touch with you once a higher-tier Facebook employee replied to them. This can take days or weeks and in some cases, you won’t even hear from them ever again.
Make sure to follow up on your issue multiple times a week or even a day, depending on how relevant it is to your business.


Facebook Business contact as “one fits all” contact form

In order to make the support odyssey a bit more bearable and increase your chances of reaching the right spokesperson, we put together a list of the relevant contact forms.

While you can find a general e-mail contact button on the support page, we suggest using the most specific contact form for your problem. If you insist on using the generic support form, however, you can find it here on their “Support for partners” page.

You will find the “Email Adress” button below their 6 support tabs. If you open it, you will see a page where you can select one of 9 support reasons. To be clear: no matter your selection, all of these will take you to new forms and not show you any actual email adresses:

facebook support contact form

Facebook Business support specific contact forms

For those that are looking for more specific support forms, please have a look below:

Ads support

Copyright and Trademark Support

Payments Support

Private Account support

Political Support

The Facebook Debugger

If you want to double check what Facebook currently sees for your URLs, you can use the Facebook Debugger to analyze your links. This is especially helpful if one of your URLs got blocked.


What can you do to speed up the support process?

Unfortunately, we have not yet found a way to speed up the process manually. Sending multiple requests will underline the importance of your problem, however even if you keep enquiring at GMS for an update, they will always tell you, that they can’t do anything but wait for a Facebook employee to get back to them. The only additional tip we can give you here is to try multiple support channels instead of just relying on one person to solve your problem.

What about the Facebook Help Community?

Alternatively (and this is not applicable in most of the urgent problems or bugs) you can search Facebook groups or forums for people who have had similar problems and exchange solutions with them. However, we don’t recommend posting in the Facebook Help Community for complex problems or Facebook bugs. The community will not be able to solve these for you.


The trump card – bring up a lawyer

Now, this paragraph is to be taken with a grain of salt, but here’s a real world example: Our own marketing toolbox neontools.io was mistakenly blacklisted by Facebook shortly after its launch – without giving us any reason or troubleshooting possibility we tried every possible free step to get help. It looked bad – no answer at all from Facebook business support. A number of people reached out to us saying they experienced the same issue. Some even had to shut down their projects because they never got whitelisted again.

After week-long and almost daily attempts to reach a person with the authority to help actually us, we turned to our last resort: a lawyer. You can call it a coincidence, but less than a week after sending out a designated letter that formally requested clarification on our issue, all our domains suddenly worked again.



If you are looking for support by Facebook, you are going to need a lot of patience. Even if you spend thousands of Euros on their platform, you will have to repeatedly explain your problem to different support agents who, if they don’t send you generic copy-paste support responses, are going to submit your request to Facebook. Quite frankly, being in touch with Facebook Business support is a frustrating and unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, there is not really a way around it, but if you know on which door to knock and most importantly if you manage your expectations towards their support, it can save you a lot of time and frustration.


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